How to achieve Digital Audio Realism

PS Noise

  • Ultra-low noise & more importantly, stability under dynamic load requirements,

  •  is critical for optimally driving digital audio devices - I achieved this using LiFePO4 batteries & now using 


  • - see Technology

USB Noise

  • Noise on the USB signal wires, (as opposed to USB ground or 5V line), is a another source of noise, likely common mod noise. 

  • My ISO devices isolate the USB signal & reduce this noise as a result, the audible effects are obvious when removed.

Home Trial

  • See the reviews & experience this engagement with the sound & realism for yourself in your home system with a 30 day trial

  • No restocking charges if returned - see Prices Reviews

Audio Realism

  • Removing these sources of interference results in a new level of realism to digital audio replay.

  • It delivers a new engagement with the sound in a realistic, natural way, not in a sibilant, over-emphasised manner, the way a lot of digital audio can sound.

TNT-Audio Dec 2019 Review Here


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supercapacitor power supply tour here


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Press Review   -   Stereo  Mojo   April 2018

It was a very tight and bold sound with loads of detail. ..... bass is full, detailed and textured. In terms of decay & trailing edges, it's all there. This results in a high level of presence and realism; there's great depth and 3D imaging to the level that my best turntable can achieve – so often I find this is a weak point of digital.

Audio Realism

What listeners report is that all the natural & subtle audio cues that are on recordings are accurately reproduced - the room ambience, the inner texture within bass, cymbal brushing, etc - the textures of sounds that we hear in real life but is so often masked or curtailed in digital audio replay. This is not the usual hyper detail associated with digital audio which is accompanied by sibilance & harshness in the highs. It is the sound of high end turntable replay & a far more captivating experience than the usual digital audio reproduction. Digital audio can often be a case of all the notes in the right place but ultimately uninteresting sound - listeners report these Ciúnas devices make listening to audio interesting. They report the life & realism,  interplay & emotion, texture & room acoustic that was always on the recording. Ciúnas devices seem to bring the audio scene alive, just like a great camera lens brings lifelike realism & detail to visual scenes.


PS Dynamic Noise

Ciúnas devices have always focused on reduction of dynamic noise in pursuit of enhanced musicality. We discovered that DIRECT battery power (now supercapacitors - no voltage regulators between it and circuit being powered) confers ultimate power supply stability - the foundation of every audio replay device - see The technology behind the Ciúnas


USB Noise

A source of further noise, we focused on USB isolation & reformatting of the USB signal as it was discovered this leads to a further increase in this musical realism - see Optimised USB Audio

30 day trial

Take it for a 30 day home trial & discover this for yourself - you won't return it as the testimonials and Press attest to.

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